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Melbourne Bookkeeper.

Looking for a Melbourne Bookkeeper? We can help you! I know it’s hard to believe but not everyone enjoys bookkeeping as much as we do. So if bookkeeping isn't your smashed avo on toast, you can give it to us!

It’ll be a great partnership – we’ll look after your books, and you immerse yourself in your favourite part of your business. Off The Hook Bookkeeping is a Melbourne-based bookkeeping service (although we’re Virtual, so we work across Australia, and also have an office in Brisbane). We offer a wide-range of bookkeeping services, from keeping your accounts up-to-date and balanced, managing your ATO requirements, keeping your payroll completed, superannuation lodged, and all your compliance met. Too easy!

In addition to bookkeeping, we also offer business consulting services.

We (myself and my wife/business partner, Amy Hooke) run two of our own businesses. One is Off The Hook Bookkeeping – Australia’s #1 Virtual Bookkeeper, and The Savvy Bookkeeper – a business service that equips Bookkeepers to strengthen their business practices through mentoring, training and other services.

Not only do we have two companies, but we've helped literally hundreds of Bookkeeper’s Businesses too so they can offer a high-standard of service with clients that they most enjoy working with. Isn’t it lovely to be able to work with people who get you!?

Because of our years of experience as business owners (just like you!) we also run a business mentoring service. We understand your challenges as a business owner. Finding and keeping good staff, being efficient with time and money, managing cash flow and staying compliant. All whilst juggling family, friends and looking after your health and wellbeing.

It isn't easy running a business – unless you’re Wonder Woman or Superman. So I’m going to assume that you’re not, and that, just like we have in the past, you may be finding yourself getting bogged down in admin and details that have made you forget why you started your business in the first place!

Lucky for you, we can help get all of that in line, so everything runs smoothly – well, everything in the business financials department! (We can’t help you with your health or to spend more time with your family… but we can help free up some of our time, so that you can do that.)

We don’t just hang our hat on our excellent Bookkeeping, Payroll and BAS services, but also our Business Consulting and Mentoring services as well – if you’re ready for more support, above and beyond the number crunching. 

Whether you simply need your bookkeeping done, or you want help getting your business streamlined, or your finances singing, with the help of our consulting services, Off The Hook Bookkeeping can cover all of your needs as even more than you Melbourne Bookkeeper.


Amy Hooke, Melbourne Bookkeeper extraordinaire!

Amy Hooke (my beautiful and multi-talented, entrepreneurial wife!) is the CEO and founder of Off The Hook Bookkeeping and The Savvy Bookkeeper. I’m not just saying that because she’s my boss!

Well, she’s been running rings around the bookkeeping profession for over 20 years. She’s not only started her career in a mid-size Chartered Accounting firm in Melbourne CBD, but she’s a Degree Qualified accountant and Registered BAS Agent (which means she can legally prepare and lodge BAS on your behalf). She’s also a very caring person, who will go out of her way for clients who appreciate her.

You can rest assured that we will do a great job getting your books in order! And having a real gem on your team.

At Off The Hook Bookkeeping, we understand that using technology well will help your business to run successfully. Because of this, we specialise in Xero and Receipt Bank accounting software. We have found these apps to be great as they are reliable, get the work done efficiently and allow us to work with you 100% virtually. These apps take the chore out of keeping your accounts reconciled and up to date.

After performing a Bookkeeping Health check, we’ll qualify the level of service that you need.

If you’re a bit behind, we can do a Catch Up Job to bring you up to speed. And once everything is in order again, provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping to keep everything up to date so you’ll have peace of mind.

We know, it can be a nasty surprise to find your accounts are out of order! Especially if the person doing your accounts was someone you trusted; like your accountant, a friend, an employee, your wife, your mum or…yourself! Gulp! (100% no judgement – it can happen to anyone! We’re only here to help you.)

We’ve helped more business owners than you can throw a stick at (not that we would ever want you to throw a stick at anyone!), to get their books back in order and everything back in its proper place.

We understand that it can be stressful to discover your books are a mess and that your accounts need fixing. This is a stressful situation for you, that you probably didn't anticipate happening – that kind of surprise no one likes! We've been here before, and will help get you out of this problem.

Because of our high level of expertise, we can offer everything from bookkeeping, lodging BAS and payroll, through to management reporting, consulting, budgeting and forecasting, and small business mentoring.

We understand how all of these things are interconnected, and can make all of these things work for you. Does this sound like what you want from your Melbourne Bookkeeper?


Our bookkeepers are Registered BAS Agents

Becoming a Registered BAS Agent is no small feat. That’s why there are many bookkeepers out there who are operating outside of the law. BAS Lodgement is directly tied into having accurate accounts and having transparency in the financial area of your business, so getting your BAS right isn’t just about making the ATO happy. It’s also about you and your business's success; laying the right foundation in accurate accounts.

You would find it hard to believe, but there are a lot of business owners out there paying illegal wages, or claiming false deductions (we know that you’d never do that! Well, not on purpose anyway). And it’s easy, in isolation to think “it’s ok because everyone in my industry does it that way”. But the ATO is targeting various industries all the time to audit them.

Whether you agree with the ATO rules or not, having financial accountability plays a vital part in the financial wellbeing of our economy, so for that reason the ATO (and the Tax Practitioners Board) give respect and benefits to bookkeepers who have met a certain standard. Read more about how a bookkeeper becomes a Registered BAS agent here.

Your BAS Agent not only has a minimum of 4 years supervised BAS related experience (initially 1,400 hours) and does another 40 hours every three years to keep up to date with GST laws.

But your BAS agent also gets you extended lodgement dates (aka an extra month to lodge your BAS), is covered by the Tax Practitioners’ Board Code of Conduct, must have Professional Indemnity Insurance. And gives you protection under the Safe Harbour laws (leaving you free from liability if you BAS Agent makes a mistake).

All this means peace of mind when you get your BAS Lodgment done with us – because if anything isn’t up to standard, you can contact the Tax Practitioners’ Board and lodge a complaint. Click here to see what the Tax Practioner's Board has to say about it.


Single Touch Payroll

I did mention earlier that a lot of businesses have been dodging doing things right. And employees suffer as a result. In order to make sure business owners are paying their workers their due wages, entitlements and superannuation, the Australian Government has introduced Single Touch Payroll, or STP.

This is already in place, but according to Xero, 60% of small businesses haven’t made the transition yet. And the ATO is starting to issue fines, as the grace period ended in September. If you need Single Touch Payroll implemented, we can do this for you!


Xero Accounting Software

Keeping your accounts up to date, reconciled, and getting useful information from them has never been easier since Xero Accounting Software has been released. It is so good that Amy actually got back into being a bookkeeper after discovering it. It makes the accounting work much easier!


Receipt Bank

Save yourself the drama of carrying around a shoe box full of receipts, or shoving another invoice into your glovebox. Receipt Bank is an ATO approved online filing system. So you know that it works, and if you ever get an ATO audit, it will be much smoother given everything is recorded properly.


Fixed Price Bookkeeping

Want to smooth out your bookkeeping billing? We understand the benefit of having a steady invoice to pay. Because no one enjoys have bills seemingly disappear and then wham! double bills in one month. Ouch!

Fixed Price Bookkeeping helps smooth out your billing, your bookkeeping routinely done, and don't get a sporadic bills fooling you into thinking you have more spare money than you actually do. No one likes a bill that seemingly hits you from behind. Having a predictable bill from us is another way we help your business to run smoothly and stops financial surges.


Marvellous Melbourne Bookkeeper

Being from Melbourne, we also get that you are more interested in enjoying your latte and a Nutella doughnut than making sure your accounts receivable and your accounts payable are all in good order. So relax and enjoy the spectacle that is Melbourne weather, while we keep everything neat and tidy for you in your accounts.

But did you know that excellent bookkeeping does more than keep the ATO from giving you a financial smack? As we are highly skilled bookkeepers, we can show you where your business is wasting money, address these areas, and strengthen the areas of your business that are more profitable.

And if you didn't know, we love being a Xero Bookkeeper, so check out that link if you want to.

That's our offering as a Melbourne Bookkeeper. Over to you….

It isn't always easy going through the process of getting a new bookkeeper. Because of this, we thought to tell you about us, so you can judge whether or not we are a good fit for you and your business. If not, that is totally fine!

We won't be everyone's cup of tea! But if we seem like a good match, please get in touch so we can talk to you about all your business needs and we can go from there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading,

See you soon.


Will Hooke



Amy is also the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper ~ so if you are a Bookkeeper who needs help increasing you Profit, Freedom and Joy in your business, please get in touch.

If you are interested in engaging with our Bookkeeping services ~ please click here to get in contact.


Thank you for your time, and enjoy the Melbourne weather!