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Virtual Bookkeeper Online

As your expert Virtual Bookkeeper, we do everything in the background, online. Never worry about bookkeeping or late BAS lodgements again.

Virtual Bookkeeper Online Australia

As your expert Virtual Bookkeeper, we do everything in the background, online. Never worry about bookkeeping or late BAS lodgements again.

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Virtual Accounting and Financial Management Team

As you grow, your business relies more and more on good financial management. But it's not alway plausible to hire and inhouse staff member. Even if you could afford an in-house bookkeeper, or to train your admin person to do bookkeeping, you actually need a broader set of skills. You may have an external accountant who does your tax returns, such as a CPA or Chartered Accountant (in the industry we call these ‘public practice accountants'. It's great to have an external accountant for the sale of accountability and a ‘second set of eyes', who can pick up mistakes at the end of the year. But you need an ‘internal accountant' or ‘financial controller' working inside your business, because the bookkeeper can complete data entry and reconcile the bank, and a highly competent bookkeeper can also lodge your BAS, keep your payroll compliant and finalise ‘month end' to produce financial reports. Although most bookkeepers can ‘reconcile' the balance sheets and ru reports, most bookkeepers don't know how to ‘interpret the numbers', and present them to you in a meaningful way. Which is why you need a financial controller. That's where we step in to ‘get you off the hook'. In a nutshell, our team of in-house financial managers, become your team. of in-house financial managers, but without you having to hire permanent staff. And with the additional benefit of that ‘birds eye view' of your business financial situation. We're not caught up in your day-to-day which means we can see things you and your in-house staff won't notice, because they're too close to the situation.

Our approach is to come into your business, get your accounts accurate, establish or improve your processes, develop your bookkeeping and accounting manual, and lay a solid foundation for accurate and timely data. And then once everything is ticking along in a monthly routine, we then go deeper into analysis of the finances prepare monthly management reports, and meet with you regularly with insights. We provide you with financial accountability, by following up when you make plans for changes. And we continue to fill your financial management, accounting and bookkeeping gap until you actually grow big enough to need, and be able to afford, an in-house accountant and a bookkeeper. Once that happens we can train your staff in the processes, and leave you to it! But of course make ourselves always available during and after the transition, should you ever need our assistance.

Amy Hooke | Director

Amy Hooke | Director

Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Registered BAS Agent

Amy Hooke is a Profit Coach helping Business Founders Raise their Profit IQ. She founded two businesses, to fulfil this mission:

Off The Hook Bookkeeping – Australia's #1 Virtual Bookkeeper: helping Small Businesses Grow Big. High-quality bookkeeping is the foundation of making smart business decisions; the key to profits and sustainability.

The Savvy Bookkeeper – Equips, Educates and Empowers Bookkeepers; Amy and her team have coached more than 600 Australia bookkeepers. And helped them establish their business processes to they can deliver exceptional services to their clients.

Formally trained in an Accounting Firm, Amy has more than 25 years experience in  her field, as well as a Bachelor of Business in Accounting. 

Amy's BAS Agent details

Maia | Practice Manager

Maia | Practice Manager

Bachelor of Communications

Maia's our tech-savvy administration and practice ‘wing woman' who's ready to help with anything technical, including process improvement and software integration. She specialises in;

  • PandaDoc set up and customisation
  • CRM set up including Hubspot and ActiveCampaign
  • Accounting software set-up and integration including Receipt Bank and Xero,
  • eCommerce set up and integration including Shopify

 Maia loves history, playing board games with friends and has travelled the world.

Xero Bookkeeping Services

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Our Xero Bookkeeping Services helps our clients get back up to date with their BAS Lodgements and BAS Preparations, specifically if they have an Overdue BAS Statement. If you have got a BAS or two overdue (or seven…?) then please read Overdue BAS Statement? No Stress! for more information about it.

Xero Bookkeeping for Creatives

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