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Melbourne Xero Bookkeeping Set Up By A Virtual Bookkeeper

Get your Xero Accounting Software set up from scratch or migrated from MYOB by a Certified Xero Bookkeeper. Packages start at $350+GST. Get your Melbourne Xero bookkeeping done with us!

Looking For A Xero Bookkeeper To Set Up Or Migrate Your Accounting Software?

If you're a business owner who wants to collaborate with your bookkeeper online, we can set up your Xero Accounting file. Having a virtual bookkeeper and a paperless office is only possible with cloud-based software.

We recommend using Xero with Receipt Bank, for a 100% online experience.


Chart Of Accounts


Payroll Set Up


Data Migration


Software Integration

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Xero Bookkeeping – we even blog about it!

I think you are starting to see that we actually love using Xero Accounting Software.

Amy started bookkeeping when the accounting software was quite clunky and DOS based. Fast forward a few years and apps such as Receipt Bank and Xero have changed our lives. They are powerful and have a good user experience! Due to this, Xero actually got Amy back in the bookkeeping industry after a break for a few years.

Because the software was both functional and easy to use, it took the wrestle out of bookkeeping. It looks good, and works well too. This is what you want from your apps! Add to that how well Receipt Bank goes with Xero, and the whole process of bookkeeping lost some of the more monotonous elements traditionally associated with it. Therefore, Xero got Amy back in the game!

As a result, an excellent bookkeeper can spend more time telling you “the why” of a problem, than just “the where” of a problem.
That makes your bookkeeper a solutions based asset to your small business, over and above being someone making sure you adhere to compliance issues the Australian Taxation Office deems necessary for small business to operate in Australia.

That sounds like progress to us! 

If we sound like the right Melbourne Xero bookkeeping business for you, please get in touch.


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