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Our software programs are friends

It can take years to find the right software, only to discover that it's not friends with another software program that you need. We have done the hard work for you! We only use software programs that are integrate with one another.

Access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device – phone, tablet, or computer.
PandaDoc is the document platform that boosts your company's revenue by accelerating the way it transacts.
Receipt Bank makes your bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient.
Receipt Bank makes your bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient.

Amy Hooke and the team at Off The Hook Bookkeeping use the right software daily, to help our bookkeeping business flourish.

Not all software is made equal, and even when you have two software apps that are almost as good as one another, they don't always play nicely with a third software app. Compatability is essential!

You can see from the many Blog Posts we have written that Xero is our favourite Accounting software. However, we also use MYOB, for those who still use it for their business financials.

Receipt Bank is our go to paper receipt inventory app, it really makes keeping on top of receipts much easier than keeping everything in a shoebox. It isn't that the shoebox method doesn't work. It is that Receipt Bank works better. Much better.

Having great and meaningful engagement letters is very important, and that is where PandaDoc comes in. No more using word docs to get that done!

Workflow Max is an excellent business planning tool. After all, you cannot rely on having a great idea, or even successfully running that idea from your head. That makes you a bottleneck in your own business, as you become indispensible. That is lovely, until you want to go on holidays…
But by having things mapped out for others to see, they can help you to grow your business too.

As you can see, apps ain't apps. We've tried and tested more than we care to remember.
But the process was essential, and now you get the benefit of our distilled experience.
We are like Ribena concentrate – just as water and you're good to go!