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PandaDoc Set Up and Design Service

PandaDoc Templates and PandaDoc setup so you can engage with your clients in a professional manner.

PandaDoc Templates

Impressive. Professional. Simple. Paperless. eSignatures.

Access PandaDoc from your browser or mobile. Create professional looking docs.

Content library allows you to create elements you can drag-and-drop onto documents as you go.

Stop stuffing around with doc signing. Say goodbye to filing paper forever!

PandaDoc Set Up and Design Service

We design branded templates for small business owners who run a paperless office

We get commission, see “Affiliate Disclosure” at footer for details.

We Use and Recommend PandaDoc Templates

We use PandaDoc client and employee engagement letters and contracts. PandaDoc great features and flexibility compared to Adobe Sign and other competitors.

Our clients get well-presented, clear information and pricing. We provide an efficient onboarding service. We send quarterly BAS  to sign. No more printing and scanning.

We offer a set up & customisation service!

Client Testimonial

“When I saw Amy’s webinar on PandaDoc I thought “Yes, this is for me.”  Off The Hook created the templates I immediately needed and showed me how to create more.

Amy’s proficiency in PandaDoc and her warm friendly approach made it an absolute pleasure to learn something which has already saved me a lot of time and impressed my key clients. Thanks Off The Hook!”

– Bronwyn Little, That Accounts For It! (Woodville, SA)

PandaDoc Templates

How do you engage new potential clients? Do you have an onboarding process? Are you simply copy + paste from a Word Doc that you used on a previous client? How do they sign it and enter into a legal agreement?

After asking you these questions, you might have realised you literally don't have this part of your client engagement already sorted out. Your bookkeeping processes are down pat. You've managed to get an enquiry, and they seem like a fit… now what?

When Amy opened up Off The Hook Bookkeeping, it became obvious that having a robust system in place was essential. More than one client was hard work, and I'm not talking about the bookkeeping. Without PandaDoc Templates in place, bad clients left a sour taste lingering when it otherwise have been a good experience. We've learned our lesson, have you?


You don't have to do it the hard way anymore.

Not only does PandaDoc protect you from bad clients, but you look professional with your branded engagement letters. As well as that, your response time will be quicker, further adding to your polished look. Even the very fact that you have an official engagement letter in place will help deter clients who think it is okay to misbehave and show disrespect to their Bookkeeper. And it will weed out those who know they're going to get in trouble for being rude and/or otherwise behave in an unprofessional manner towards their Bookkeeper.


What PandaDoc Templates will do for your Business.

  • Look professional, and convey competence.
  • Be quick to send to clients, as they are ready to go
  • Deter bad behaviour from clients, and weed out those who know they're going to misbehave.
  • Take pressure off you, so you're not scrambling to get something done on the fly.
  • Keep both you and the client accountable, and so maintaining professional conduct.
  • Prevent unpaid scope creep, as everything offered is there in black and white.


Does this seem like something your business could benefit from, when looking to engage with new clients?

*Affiliate disclosure statement v1.0 2/3/17: We are certified PandaDoc partners providing a set up service. We receives a 25% commission for customers who join a paid annual plan after completing a 14-day trial via links on this website.

Off The Hook Bookkeeping currently use PandaDoc Templates with our clients and staff since the beginning of 2016. We recommend this product based on the tried and tested, proven reliability and usefulness of the software. Helping our clients is our primary motivation and earning commission is only an added bonus.

We recommend PandaDoc because it works.