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The best way to organise your receipts and love your paperless office

With Receipt Bank, you won’t spent hours stuffing around with receipts and invoices. 

Receipt Bank, Xero and your Bookkeeper are great friends

We only use software programs that itegrate well with each other. Receipt Bank and Xero are definitely friends. If you’re a business owner who works online, you need a filing-cabinet-in-your-pocket. Receipt Bank is data-extraction cloud software that makes that possible. It allows creative professionals to get organised and love their paperless office.


Paperless made easy


ATO approved


Xero integrated


No more data entry

Stop losing money

If you lose track of your receipts you lose money in unclaimed deductions. Receipt Bank is an award-winning, ATO approved software. It converts your bills, invoices and receipts into data that flows into Xero and to your bookkeeper’s office.

Easy upload options

With Receipt Bank’s you’ll never lose another document as you submit them instantly. You can upload via:

  • Mobile app
  • Email
  • Post
  • Dropbox
  • Online portal

Save time and space

Receipt Bank helps you and your bookkeeper;

  • save time on sending in paperwork
  • save space and go paperless
  • save money on bookkeeping fees
  • more accurate financial data

Would you love to get a free Receipt Bank subscription?

If you purchase any of our fixed price bookkeeping packages you get a free Receipt Bank subscription.