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Amy Hooke

Amy Hooke

Founder & Director

Hey I'm Amy Hooke, Director of Off The Hook Bookkeeping, a Virtual Bookkeeping Practice helping business founders create profitable, sustainable and socially responsible businesses.


Nerd Alert!

I've been a ‘numbers nerd' for over 20 years now. And yes, I did use a spreadsheet to plan my wedding!

After studying accounting at uni, getting formally trained in an accounting firm and spending more than a decade stuck behind a desk….I had a series of epiphanies which set me apart from the other ‘number crunchers'.


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My Three Epiphanies

Epiphany #1:

Business founders need help with their numbers beyond what their accountant, bookkeeper or business coach could offer. They need strong leadership, accountability and most importantly to raise their profit IQ so they can create profitable, sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

Epiphany #2:

Being an employee was never gonna cut the mustard if I wanted to make a difference. Unless I was able to start, grow and run my own successful business, I'd only every be teaching theory. I needed to get amongst it, practice what I was preached and prove my methods by getting results.

Epiphany #3:

Most of us will live eighty years (if we're lucky!) and we say we have to make it count. But we don't live it. We put together our 3 year plan and high-five ourselves for being forward thinking. We focus on your 150 year plan: which will benefit your great, great grandchildren and make a radical difference to our world in the future.

Get organised. Go paperless. Bookkeeping in the cloud.

Business In My DNA

Dad ran Recycled Clothing businesses in Frankston, for the first 20 years of my life. Apex Textiles (“the factory”), Angies Arcade (“the shop”), Deckout, INSANE Clothing (“my first business”) and Tatters Market: just to name a few of them which are sadly no longer in operation!

However the vision and mission of these businesses, along with my experiences working there, forever made an imprint on my heart!

Our core operation was to purchase donated goods by the kilo from those giant bins you see at shopping centres. And sort the contents with the end goal of recycling as much as possible. And in addition, we owned multiple Op Shops and Pre-Loved Fashion stores on the Morning Peninsula.

As a small child I'd go to the factory and climb a mountain of clothes: a little girls dream! And from about the age of 10 I'd work there on school holidays.

I loved working as a sorter in the factory. Seeing bags of peoples ‘junk' get sorted in to categories: basic wearables, high quality fashion, fabric suitable for cleaning rags and more. This is where I grew a soft place in my heart for Blue Collar workers. I loved the down-to-earth, hard working way of life. And the Triple M classics blasting through the speakers.

When I was thirteen years old, I went into dad's office and said “I want to be an accountant when I grow up”. Dad smiled showing lots of teeth! And then suggested I work in the office next school holidays. I'd just started an accounting class at school, and found it fascinating. Especially when I learned that most people aren't good with numbers and as as result make terrible  financial decisions. I wanted to do something about this problem!

After my first day working with dad's accountant at the factory, I fell in love with working in the office: organising things, working on the computer and crunching numbers on MYOB. And when I turned eighteen I completed a Traineeship in Accounts Payable, then quickly moved into working in an accounting firm and then onto bookkeeping.

When I first started Uni, I attended my first accounting lecture. My lecturer recognised my surname and asked if I was related to HIS first accounting lecturer at the Mount Eliza Business School. It was then I discovered that Business and accounting must have been in my DNA. His lecturer had been my paternal grandfather!

JobKeeper Payment Eligibility

Called To Business

In 2014 I entered the world of being a business owner myself. Over the past years, through many trials, I've gained hands on experience growing three of my own successful business.

The Savvy Bookkeeper: 

We've mentored more than 500 bookkeepers, equipping, educating and inspiring them as business owners. We provide them with systems, templates and workflows which help them to consistently deliver exceptional results to clients, and as a result raise the quality of service in our industry.

Off The Hook Bookkeeping:

We get best results for businesses with any of the following elements: quoting and invoicing, recurring revenue, ecommerce, debtors and

So this has led us to discover our love for two industries: Construction and Beauty/Fashion!

Working with Construction industries like Electrical, Fire, Plumbing, Building and Property Development, Commercial Cleaning, Building Maintenance, Architecture, and more we focus on unlocking their cashflow and profits. We do this by shortening the time between their customer making initial contact, through to final payment on delivery of services.

And in Beauty and Fashion we work with Salons, Models, eCommerce, Designers, Wedding and Retail Transport businesses. We help these wonderful business owners to be smart with money, assisting with Cashflow and Budgets, so they can plan ahead and make smart decision.

Of course we work with businesses outside these industries! And have Business Coaches, Exporters, Software Developers, Psychologists, Health Practitioners and more working with our team.

The Profit Advisor: 

One day I realised I was ‘more than just a bookkeeper'. And that the whole point of getting bookkeeping accurate and current, is to do the fun stuff that comes after that! 

Through my Profit IQ Advisory  and Pricing For Profit program I help helping business founders raise their Profit IQ so they can create profitable, sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

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Business As Unusual

We come from all walks of life and welcome those who don't fit the grid. Once upon a time, if you didn't have a high Academic IQ, grow up in a wealthy family or follow the traditional path to success, you were a nobody. But we're part of a movement which makes us somebodies, together.

Beautiful Misfits

We're a bunch of Beautiful Misfits because we dropped out of high school, we're autistic, dyslexic and ADHD, we grew up on the wrong side of town. We're the minority, we're nerds and geeks, we're musos and artists, we're Jesus Freaks. We're walking to the beat of a different drum. We were once write-offs but now we're forging own definitions of success.

Acknowledgement of Country

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work and live. We recognise the continuing connection to land, water and community that Indigenous people have. We pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. We support Indigenous Business initiatives and we listen to Indigenous voices so we can learn for ourselves.

Empowering Neurodiversity

We are committed to equipping, educating and empowering business owners who identify as Neurodiverse to embrace how they think differently, so they can break through invisible barriers and become financially independent. We champion business owners who are autistic, ADHD, dyslexic or diagnosed with sensory processing disorders. And those who support neurodiverse employees or family members.
Living By Faith, Not By Sight

Media tell us ‘there's no place for religion in public life'. But we aren't business as usual. We publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as the one human who God chose to be ruler over all the earth. And we trust in him in our decisions and in his Supernatural power. Trusting that he'll provide everything we need, when we need it so we can make a difference.

The Great Commission

Our underlying purpose of being in business is to make disciples of all nations. For us, the “Nation” we've been called to is business founders of Australia. 



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Let's Do Meaningful Work

My team and I would love to work with you. So if you're a business founder wanting to create profitable, sustainable and socially responsible businesses, get in touch.

Book a Free Initial Consult or Get A Quote.

I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Amy x