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Don’t Worry! You’re Not Too Late To Get The JobKeeper Payment

Late JobKeeper Payment

Are you worried you have missed the cutoff for JobKeeper Payment? Wasn't it the end of April? Don't worry, here at Off The Hook Bookkeeping, we are here to answer your questions about Late JobKeeper Payment applications.

The ATO has extended the deadline for the Late JobKeeper Payment application date. It was the end of April 2020. Then it was 31 May 2020. However, as Registered BAS Agents, we get extended dates, so we're still applying for Job Keeper on behalf of our clients.

That means you still have about two weeks to go, as of the time of publishing this Post.

To get it from the ATO itself, please click on this link to see the date.

How can Off The Hook Bookkeeping help your JobKeeper Payment application?

We understand that this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is not something many people are enjoying, and that the financial instability is a frustration to many. Both employers and employees want to keep their finances ticking over. By getting your JobKeeper Payment application lodged, Off The Hook Bookkeeping will be able to help you with that.

We have written a more in depth post here, so please have a look to find out more information.

We can also help you with your Single Touch Payroll setup.

By getting your STP setup, getting the JobKeeper payments done each pay run will make it easier to keep on top of lodgements. If that is something you have already in place – great! If that is something you also need help with, Off The Hook Bookkeeping can get you onboard with that.

Please have a look at what we have written for more information on What is Single Touch Payroll? here. Then you will be up to date, and your business will be ready to roll once the Coronavirus restrictions are eased or even rolled back. Sound interesting?

That is our take on Late JobKeeper Payment applications. Over to you….

Remember to keep your mental health strong. Keep in mind that this too will pass. In the meantime, we can help you to lodge your JobKeeper Payment Eligibility application. You still have until the 31st of May, so please get in touch if you need yours lodged.

We look forward to working with you.

Amy Hooke

CEO & Founder

Off The Hook Bookkeeping




Amy is also the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper ~ so if you are a Bookkeeper who needs help increasing you Profit, Freedom and Joy in your business, please get in touch.

If you are interested in engaging with our Bookkeeping services ~ please click here to get in contact.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the Melbourne weather!


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Thank you so much Amy and team!!! thank you so much for the tireless effort and extra things you didn't have to do! You... have taken all the worry away and allowed me to focus on the operations of my business instead of pulling my hair out with trying to figure out how to do my books and get the Job keeper payment for my business during this time. i can't thank you enough!!! 🙌🙌🙌read more
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Nenad Mitrovic

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