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Bookkeeping Services Melbourne

Need Melbourne Bookkeeping Services?

Are you looking for Bookkeeping Services Melbourne? We are here to help you. Not everyone loves Bookkeeping like we do, and we understand that you are more interested in following your passion than keeping this part of the admin up to date. It could be a match made in heaven!
We understand business – we run two of our own!

This Bookkeeping Service, as well as The Savvy Bookkeeper – a business mentoring service that enables Bookkeepers to enhance their business through our mentoring. So not only do we have two, but we've helped literally hundreds of Bookkeeper Businesses to enhance their company, and work with clients that they enjoy working with.

That is why we can not only recommend our Bookkeeping, but our Business Consulting service as well – if you are in need of that offering.

Amy has been a bookkeeper for over 20 years, is a Degree Qualified accountant and Registered BAS Agent (which means she can prepare and lodge your BAS). Not only will your accounts be up-to-date and balanced, but your ATO requirements will be met, your payroll completed, superannuation lodged, and all your compliance met.

At Off The Hook Bookkeeping, we specialise in being a Xero bookkeeper and also using Receipt Bank accounting software. We have found these apps to be great as they are reliable and get the work done efficiently.

After doing a Business Health check, we will be able to qualify the level of service that you need. We can do Rescue Jobs, and once everything is in order again, provide weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping to keep everything up to date to give you peace of mind. We understand that it isn't nice to discover your books are a mess and that your accounts need fixing. This is a stressful situation for you, that you probably didn't anticipate happening. We've been here before, and will help get you out of this jam.

Because of our high level of expertise, we can offer everything from bookkeeping, BAS and payroll, through to management reporting, consulting, budgeting and forecasting, and small business mentoring.


Melbourne Bookkeeping Services – did you say Marvellous Melbourne?!

We love Melbourne! We've been here for decades! We understand that as someone from Melbourne, life isn't all lattes, black skinny jeans, and enjoying the rollercoaster ride that is Melbourne's weather! Business demands must be addressed, from the essential all the way through to the transformational. Now, we understand some people will see Bookkeeping as a bore, and we are happy to take that burden from you. If you don't like bookkeeping, give it to us!

We even written more about being a Melbourne Bookkeeper here, if you are interested.

What many business owners don't realise is that an excellent bookkeeper should be providing you with accurate information on how your business is actually going. A bookkeeper isn't simply someone who helps you avoid being ‘put in the naughty corner by the ATO', a bookkeeper is a highly-trained professional with an incredibly useful business toolkit. An astute bookkeeper can help you diagnose and uncover unhealthy areas where you are leaking money. Any bookkeeper who is worth her salt will help you, not only stamp out inefficiencies, she will also help you target the areas that your business does well and maximise your profitability.

Without a sensible bookkeeper providing you with current information on how things are really doing, you are flying blind and relying on feelings and intuition; two things which definitely have a place in your business, but they must work in partnership with data and analytics. This is exactly what a highly-skilled bookkeeper can provide. Our Melbourne Bookkeeping Services will help you in all these areas!

Here's a few other things we can do for you!


1. Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll or STP is an initiative from the ATO to make sure everyone is paying their fare share of taxes, that workers are paid on time, etc. We do Single Touch Payroll implementation, so if you haven't got on top of that yet, we can definitely help get you conforming with that regulation requirement quickly and effectively.


2. Fixed Price Bookkeeping

Want to have a steady bill that keeps surprises away? With Fixed Price Bookkeeping, you get your bookkeeping routinely done, and don't get a intermittent bills tricking you into thinking you have more spare money than you actually do. No one likes a bill that strikes like a bolt from the blue. Having a predictable bill from us is another way we help your business to run smoothly by stopping financial surges.


3. Xero accounting software

Although our CEO, Amy Hooke started out her bookkeeping career as a 15 year old, using MYOB, when she discovered Xero Accounting software in 2014, it revolutionised the way she could do things for clients. She jumped on board and has enjoyed using this modern software that makes keeping your books reconciled and up to date smooth and easy, ever since.


4. Panda Doc engagement letters
Who doesn't love getting paid on time?
Theres' nothing more annoying than having clients wriggle around trying to get out of commitments they made. And although the notion of doing business ‘on a handshake' is a nice idea, in reality it's really risky. It's important to have well documented agreements of the commitments your clients are making to you, and you to them?

Who doesn't want to automate their sales and invoicing process?

Everyone likes getting paid (on time), but nobody likes bookkeeping, data entry and time wasted on the administration process of invoicing. It’s time-consuming and unfortunately, it can be hard to outsource to someone else if you don’t have a proper invoicing procedure in place.

Off The Hook Bookkeeping use PandaDoc to help small businesses grow big, by boosting sales, improving cashflow and automating workflow. As a PandaDoc Gold Partner we have helped over 100 small businesses set up their engagement letters, proposals, pricing catalogues and templates so they establish trust with their clients.

This means you can onboard new clients easily and effectively, without having to draft up something new each time, saving you time and effort.


5. Receipt Bank – ATO approved electronic filing system
If you don't enjoy piles of receipts falling out of your glovebox, or carrying a shoe box of invoices around to your bookkeepers office each month, then Receipt Bank is for you! Do you want to save time by keeping everything neat? Would you love to feel more organised at BAS and tax time?

One of our trained professionals will set you up with a Receipt Bank account, along with your own personal mobile app, where you can snap and upload your paperwork, straight into our office.

Reduce the risk of having to pay ridiculous fees if you ever get audited with an ATO approved online filing system. Allow us to provide you with data in record-time and save you plenty of headaches.


That is our take on Melbourne Bookkeeping Services. Over to you…

Glad you've stayed with us until the end. We understand that getting a new bookkeeper isn't always a fun thing ~ unless you get a good one!
 And we also understand that running a business is hard, and we all can need a helping hand to get us past hurdles that are stopping us from achieving all we thought we can. That is why we offer all of these services, as we enjoy helping setting up people for success. It is a bit like having a garden. If you set things up nicely, it is pleasing to spend time in it. But if you don't, the ongoing chores and monotony of those weeds coming back again and again is depressing, and you might just want to walk away. Or cover it in concrete, lol!
When you engage with Off The Hook Bookkeeping's Melbourne Bookkeeping Services, we can help straighten out your business and enjoy your time in it. And you won't have to cover it with concrete to make the drama go away.
We look forwards to hearing from you.





Amy is also the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper ~ so if you are a Bookkeeper who needs help increasing you Profit, Freedom and Joy in your business, please get in touch.

If you are interested in engaging with our Bookkeeping services ~ please click here to get in contact.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the Melbourne weather!


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Kira Trow
Thank you so much Amy and team!!! thank you so much for the tireless effort and extra things you didn't have to do! You... have taken all the worry away and allowed me to focus on the operations of my business instead of pulling my hair out with trying to figure out how to do my books and get the Job keeper payment for my business during this time. i can't thank you enough!!! 🙌🙌🙌read more
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Nenad Mitrovic

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