Seven years ago I was the manager of a bookkeeping practice. I’d dreamed of having my own business one day but my excitement and passion was long gone.

In 2010 I quit my bookkeeping career forever

I travelled the world for almost four while trying to decide on a new career. Leading up to my resignation, through my whole career, if you weren’t on MYOB I wouldn’t bother working with you.

When people had started to talk about Xero and the “cloud.” I was skeptical.

I started a free trial of Xero Accounting Software

When I first tired it I thought “What on earth is this?” The layout and navigation was unfamiliar.

In 2014 after my travels I decided to do something that went against the “bookkeeper grain”. I bought a Mac! I still didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life so I considered trying to do something more creative, otherwise I would have to start bookkeeping again.

“MYOB on a Mac isn’t as good as on a PC…I wonder what that Xero software is all about,” I thought.

By this stage the cloud was very well known and trusted, everyone was using it; so I started a free 30-day trial of Xero.

My first reaction was “this is fun!” and my second reaction was “it’s so easy to use! Maybe I will get back into bookkeeping after all. With this kind of software I can be creative and do bookkeeping at the same time.”

My passion was renewed: I started my bookkeeping business

New possibilities appeared ahead of me as I thought “Maybe I can start my own business.” That was something I always dreamed of doing. It was decided; I applied to become a Registered BAS Agent and a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee.

Just three years later that little spark of hope I had has turned into a boutique bookkeeping practice called Off The Hook Bookkeeping (based in Blackburn, Melbourne east).

We have been Certified Xero Partners since the beginning. We have a small, growing team. We have vision and we are on a mission to help our clients get organised and run a paperless office. Our clients love us and give great testimonials and referrals.

We are passionate about helping owners of established small business lay a great foundation for their business (a reliable bookkeeping system). The best part helping them get out of a mess (rescue job) and achieve their financial and business goals.

Work is meaningful again

Running a business with purpose means it’s not just a job; it’s actually fun!

We have strategically decided to be a “Xero Only Practice”. Some bookkeepers think offering multiple software will attract more business. That may be the case if you’re a small sole trader with a handful of clients. But as business grows multiple software packages can be a time-sink.

We believe our resources are better spent looking after clients than juggling accounting software. We allocate some of this time that would be otherwise wasted to gaining a deeper understanding of Xero add-ons such as Receipt Bank. Or other cloud software like PandaDoc. This allows to customise and automate our clients business.

We are a full-service bookkeeping practice, which means we don’t allow our clients to do their own bookkeeping (except for sales invoicing). From experience, by allowing the client to do the bookkeeping and getting us to just check for errors, it will often cost the client more. Error and double-handling are the main issue here. We would rather do it right the first time than fix client errors. But more importantly, having an external person recording the transactions provides accountability and transparency, which is a key to building your business on a rock instead of sand.

And besides, our job is to free you from doing any bookkeeping so you can earn more by doing what you’re great at.

Our clients love Xero because it helps us do our job to the very best of our ability, and we have all the support and training we need from Xero.

We love Xero

There are many reasons for giving the thumbs up for Xero Accounting Software. But most importantly because it’s the catalyst for my whole new career.

Start Free 30 Day Trial of Xero Accounting Software. I promise, you’re going to love it! Please get in touch and let me know how you went and if you need any help setting up your data file.

Amy Hooke x

PS. I love hearing your feedback so comments are most welcome.

Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps business owners to feel more organised and achieve their dream of a “paperless office.

Amy also founded, a marketing and web design agency for bookkeepers; to help them feel more confident about marketing.

Affiliate Disclosure:

I receive a commission for 30-day trial and paid plans started via links on this website. We also received a one-off payment for writing this article.

I use Xero with all clients and staff since the beginning of 2015 and recommend this product based on the tried and tested, proven reliability and usefulness of the software. Helping our clients is our primary motivation and earning a small commission is a only an added bonus.