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Keeping your accounts up to date and lodging your BAS is good bookkeeping. It’s financial reports that are going to help to know where you’re at in your business and you make better decisions.

We can provide Profit and Loss reports from Xero, but if you need more information we can provide more advanced reports to suit your budget and needs.


Quarterly Board Reports

Most small businesses don’t have a “Board”. Why not think and act like you are bigger than you are. This has a flow-on effect which will help you grow your business.

Business owners usually keep all their financial information in their head. By doing this you can run your business successfully for years. However…

Once the business outgrows you, you need to share the load. The only way to do this is to have a set of reports to help you have productive discussions with business partners, managers and employees.

The Quarterly Board Reports include:

  • The Fitness Review (Board Report) which examine five KPI’s in the business:
    • Cash Flow
    • Sales
    • Gross Profit
    • Net Profit
    • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Collection Rate
    • Current Ratio
  • The Quarterly Financial Reports
  • An analysis by a Specialist Bookkeeper


Quarterly Financial Reports

This report is a comparisons of current year and last year, current quarter to the same quarter last year and current month to last month. We include the COGS and Expenses represented as a % of the Sales and the Balance Sheet.

A copy of this report is sent to your accountant, so they get a snapshot of where you’re at. This helps them give a more in-depth analysis of the story behind the figures.

We recommend this for micro to small business owners who don’t want to grow their business beyond what they can manage themselves and at a cost of $110 per month it’s affordable for small business.

Monthly Strategic Board Reports

These reports are for business owners who need to make strategic decisions month-by- month.

The Monthly Board Reports include:

  • KPI reports (customised for your business)
  • Budget analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • A session with a Specialist Bookkeeper to determine your specific KPI’s