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Bored with BAS?

We are sure you’d rather be doing something more fun or productive than calculating your Business Activity Statement.

Let us do it for you. And your first lodgement is on us!

Six Benefits of Lodging with a BAS Agent that will Save your Sleep

Your BAS Agent works her butt off so you don’t have to!

She spends time, money and tonnes of brain-power every year doing seminars, webinars, workshops, courses and other educational activities like research, writing and presentations so that you don’t have to. 



To make sure your BAS is correct, every quarter you need to reconcile the GST, PAYG, wages payable, super payable, wages expense, super expense and ATO integrated client accounts.

Safe harbour

If you lodge your own BAS you can get in trouble if there are mistakes. You might even have to pay fines. But your BAS Agent will have you covered by Safe Harbor laws.

More time to lodge

If you lodge your own BAS then you alwyas have to lodge and pay by the due date, but because your lucky-ducky BAS Agent gets extra time to lodge then so will you.

Ongoing study

For 45 hours every three-year your BAS Agent is studying her little heart out and forking out cash to learn topics that would probably make you….zzzzzzz…just so she can stay registered.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct requires your BAS Agent to be professional, honest, independent, confidential or competent. If she isn’t you can call the Tax Practitioners Board.

To get registered

Your BAS Agent needs minimum qualifications, 1400 hours experience, a Cert IV in bookkeeping, PI insurance, a professional membership and ongoing study.