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Bookkeeping Health Check For Every Size Business

We check your Xero, MYOB or QBO accounting data file, and give you a report on errors.

Xero Bookkeeper Services

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

An average humans make 35,000 decisions per day, or 2,000 decisions per waking hour.

News Flash! Business owners are not average humans.

Entrepreneurs often rely on instincts and spontaneity, when it comes to decision-making. Given that you have another 34,999 decisions to make today, it totally makes sense. 

It's not about rejecting your ‘gut feeling'; it's about backing your instincts with data-driven decisions.

Reliable data, you can count on it.

Accountants say ‘garbage in, garbage out'.

Inaccurate data entry leads to unreliable numbers which are useless for decision making.

We say ‘bad bookkeeping is like drinking too much coffee'.

It seems like a really great idea at the time, but don't count on getting a good nights sleep.

Melbourne Bookkeeper
Xero Bookkeeper Services

Foundations. Don't build home without one.

Good bookkeeping is like ‘building a house on concrete'. A good idea.

Remember that guy who ‘built a house on sand' to save a bit of coin. That's right. Storm came, house fell over. The end.

Kidding! He had to start over, lost more than he saved buying sand instead of concrete. He was in a seriously bad mood.

Don't be that guy.


Xero, MYOB or Quickbooks Bookkeeping Software Not Adding Up?

Do you ever wonder if aliens have invaded your accounting software? Bookkeeping stress is very, very real. But don't worry. Aliens are not.

4 Steps To Health Check Your Bookkeeping

9 out of 10 accounting software files contain multiple errors. Get an expert diagnosis in five business days.

Step OneReview

Deep dive into accounts to identify inaccuracies in transactions and settings.

Step TwoRecommend

Outline issues and suggest next steps, costs to fix and best-practice approach.

Step ThreeReport

Provide an accurate picture of your bookkeeping data and a quote for catch-up work.

Step FourRepair

An additional service once Health Check is completed to fix any issues found in the file.

Bookkeeping Health Check Packages

Choose a package to suit your business, payroll and transaction volume. And let's get started!

Price (inc. 10% GST) $165 $330 $660 $1320 $1980
Business size Solo Small Medium Large Gigantic
Monthly transactions less than 50 150 300 600 1200
Monthly income less than $10K $25K $75K $150K $500K
Number of PAYG employees 0 3 5 10 20
Balance sheet
Profit and loss
GST coding
File settings
Chart of accounts
Manual journals
Payroll settings
Payroll transactions
Private Consultation
Quote for us to fix errors
Bookkeeping Credit* $82.50 $165 $330 $660 $990

*If you hire us to fix discovered errors and do your ongoing bookkeeping, we'll credit this amount against your first invoice.

Bookkeeping Health Check FAQs

Here's a few Frequently Asked Questions business owners ask us about our Bookkeeping Health Check.

Who is the Bookkeeping Health Check for?

Business owners who are looking for a bookkeeper and are thinking of hiring us. And business who want to make sure their bookkeeping is being done right.

Why do I need a Bookkeeping Health Check?

Performing a Bookkeeping Heath Check gives us a more accurate picture of your business needs, highlights any major issues and helps us more accurately estimate your fees.

How will the Health Check help my business?

Data-drive decision making is all the rage. Besides there's nothing fun about getting your BAS or payroll wrong. Planning and understanding business performance is easier once the numbers are right . Our Bookkeeping Health Check is the first step towards getting your financial foundation right.

What's included in my purchase?

An in depth review of your data file, a recommendation with costs, and a detailed report of the findings.

Why should I pay you to give me a quote?

Although our Health Check includes a quote for your upfront fees, and any fix up work that is needed, what you're paying for is the Health Check, not the quote.

Many bookkeepers will give you free quote, which is fine if you're hiring someone on an hourly rate. But when you ask ‘how long will it take' they will probably say ‘how long is a piece of string?'.

So you'll still have no idea how much the bookkeeping services will cost you, or what's involved. 

Accurately scoping a fixed fee bookkeeping service, takes time and effort. We need to understand the ins and outs of your data file, otherwise it's just guess work.

The work we complete during the Health Check, is the work most professional bookkeepers should be doing after you engage their services.

We do it before you engage our services.

How does the 'Bookkeeping Credit' work?

Most of our Health Check packages come with a Bookkeeping Credit

If you hire us to fix discovered errors and do your ongoing bookkeeping, we'll credit this amount against your first invoice.

If you decide not to work with us, then you won't receive this credit.

What are the chances you'll find mistakes?

Over the past few decades, our team have worked with hundreds of businesses, of which 9 out of every 10 new contained mistakes of varying degrees.

Some of these mistakes include incorrect GST coding or account allocation, incorrect settings, missing opening balances or unreconciled accounts.

Usually, the mistakes are caused by an inexperienced person doing the bookkeeping. Most business owners don't know how to check if it's correct, but often get a sense something isn't right.

Who fixes the mistakes in the file?

After you receive the Bookkeeping Health Check report and recommendation, you can hire us to fix it, fix it yourself, ask your bookkeeper or accountant to fix it, or use it to find a bookkeeper.

How much does it cost to fix mistakes?

Every business is unique, however from experience, a large ‘rescue job' can cost around $3000. And a small one around $1500.

Some files will only have a handful of mistakes so there will only be a small fee of around $500.

Once we complete the Health Check we'll give you an exact amount!

Do you need access to my accounting software?

Yes, we will need full access to your Xero file. As a Certified Xero Advisor, you can relax knowing that your data is in safe hands and that we will respect your privacy. See below our response to our next FAQ on privacy.

Will my financial information be kept private?

As Registered BAS Agents we are accountable to the Tax Practitioners' Board. Our Professional Code of Conduct requires us, by law, to keep your Information Confidential, or risk losing our license. We also have a Client Confidentiality Agreement to give you peace of mind.


What if I don't have accounting software?

If you don't have a data file, then you don't need a Bookkeeping Health Check (there's nothing to check!). You should purchase an Accounting Software Set up instead.


"Off The Hook are rescue bookkeeping whizzes."

– Martin Wolfenden, Overall Builders

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