The Pure Bookkeeping mentoring program for start-ups is the perfect program, system and support for every bookkeeper who is new to running a business.

When I started Off The Hook Bookkeeping, I needed help with marketing. The eMyth Bookkeeper book which was co-authored by Debbie Roberts and Peter Cook, the founders of the Pure Bookkeeping System, and Michael E Gerber, made me realise how much support I was lacking.

The 28-Day Marketing Bootcamp was the entry point for me. This course really helped me to focus my marketing efforts. As the marketing started to take effect and I was finding new clients, I realised that I also needed good systems to handle the clients going forward.

Back when I first purchased the System at the start of 2016, the Pure Bookkeeping Mentoring Program for Start-Up Bookkeeping Businesses wasn’t around yet. But what I found with Pure Bookkeeping, was that there is so much support. You not only get tried and tested systems to implement, but you get training and you get support from Debbie, and a whole community of other Pure Bookkeeping Licensees.

The new mentoring program for start-ups launched its pilot program in July 2017. What this did was gave an entry level, with additional support to those who really need it. The program had a lower entry-level cost that buying the full system straight up, but more support in terms of mentoring that doing the 28-Day Marketing Bootcamp.

Start up businesses really need support with marketing.

Start up businesses really need support with marketing. Usually they are bookkeepers who are transitioning from employment into being a business owner. They might have a few clients, but they are looking to find more clients quickly.

Often, like myself, bookkeepers come into their business not knowing where to start with marketing, and having no support. The program gives them the direction they need, as well as accountability.

Most bookkeepers don’t have a lot of confidence

Most bookkeepers don’t have a lot of confidence when it comes to marketing their services, and selling themselves to potential clients. The other problem is that they are often so keen to say “yes” to any client who comes along, that they can start out by taking on clients who aren’t suitable for them.

This can, just like it did with me, lead to excess stress and clients who take advantage. Sometimes the bookkeeper is left with out being paid for their time and feeling undervalued. This can be the result of not having a proper client engagement letter and process in place.

Once a month we meet online

I am now a mentor for the participants of this program, and work alongside Debbie Roberts and the twenty-odd participants. Once a month we meet online in smaller groups of around ten people. The bookkeepers have had a whole month to complete a number of relevant marketing related steps for their business. During the sessions they check in and get support.

It’s inspiring to watch the bookkeepers become more confident and start to win new business. They learn from each others difficulties as well as successes.

As a bookkeeper, and bookkeeping business owner myself it’s rewarding to be able to give back the level of support that I was given.

Who is the Pure Bookkeeping Mentoring Program for Start Up Businesses for?

If you are all of the following then this program is a great option for you;

  • considering becoming a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee,
  • a start up business earning at least $40,000 in the past year,
  • ten-out-of-ten committed to building your business,
  • coachable and teachable
  • are comfortable following proven systems

What you get;

  • access to the full Pure Bookkeeping System
  • mentoring from myself and Deb to implement the system
  • a monthly group coaching call with myself and Deb to work on growing your business

The value is: whatever its worth to you to have a six figure bookkeeper business, and it costs nothing to start (for the first three months). To find out more about cost of the program please get in touch.

The guarantee: over the 12 months you’ll add at least $20,000 in revenue or your money back.

What’s the catch: None. We are just looking for a bunch of case studies that prove we can go from start up to six figures in 12 months.

Find out more

If you’re interested to find out more about the costs and when the next intake is, please contact Pure Bookkeeping.

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Amy Hooke is a bookkeeping industry professional who helps business owners to feel more organised and achieve their dream of a “paperless office”. Amy also founded, a marketing and web design agency for bookkeepers; to help them feel more confident about marketing.