Invoicing Software Stack: Never Write Another Invoice Again!

Would you love to never write another invoice again? If you said ‘yes’ then you need to sort out your ‘invoicing software stack’…stat!

Everyone likes getting paid (on time), but nobody likes bookkeeping, data entry and time wasted on the administration process of invoicing. It’s time-consuming and unfortunately, it can be hard to outsource to someone else if you don’t have a proper invoicing procedure in place.

There are so many software programs out there in the marketplace that claim to solve all your problems, by integrating seamlessly with one another. Are these claims true, and if so, which combination (software stack) should you set up?

It depends.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking software is the solution but really it’s the underlying processes that you’re trying to automate that is the most important. And the process is going to differ depending on that the problems are and what you’re trying to achieve. In short, these are the broad steps you need to take;

  1. Problem
  2. Objective
  3. Process
  4. Solution

So before you start looking for a new software solution it’s critical to understand the problems you’re trying to solve, your objectives and then the process itself. Once you’ve done this you’ll be ready to start looking for the perfect invoicing software stack.

Biggest pain points common to Invoicing Software systems

  • Finding the time to do invoicing
  • Lack of process to be able to outsource the invoicing task
  • Client payments
    • Late-paying clients
    • Non-paying clients (bad debts)
    • Matching payments and invoices efficiently to see true receivables balanceR
  • Reconciling sales and related accounts
    • Clearing accounts (Stripe, Paypal, EziDebit, GoCardless or Integrapay)
    • Point Of Sale (EFTPOS, HiCaps, Medicare and Health Funds)
    • External invoicing software to accounting software (Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks Online)
      • Health industry – Cliniko, ChARM, Coreplus, HealthKit
      • eCommerce – Shopify, WooCommerce,
      • Trade – Tradify, Simpro, Service M8, AroFlo
      • Architecture – Workflow Max, Synergy

How Off The Hook Bookkeeping Can Help You Never Write Another Invoice Again

We can guide you through figuring out the above process, or we can do it for you.

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