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Why hire a virtual bookkeeper?

If you've been running a business for a while you've probably already considered that you might need a bookkeeper. In this article I hope to show you the benefits of why you should hire a virtual bookkeeper, instead of a regular, onsite bookkeeper. If you have any questions, please let me know.


1. You're already online.

If you run an online business, the last thing on your mind is going in to meet your bookkeeper or dropping off paperwork. A virtual bookkeeper and an online business owner can work together 100% online using latest cloud technology. Online accounting software, and online meeting tools such as Zoom, make it not only possible, but the business option for those who are already virtual.


2. Creative people aren't always good with numbers.

If you’re a creative person, you may be great with numbers and analytical things. But if numbers, administration and organising a paperless office is not your strength, a virtual bookkeeper can help you in a number of ways. They can help get and keep your accounts up-to-date, prepare and lodge your quarterly BAS, pay your staff wages, and get your end-of-year accounts ready for your accountant to do your tax.


3. An ATO approved, online filing system.

Using Xero and Receipt Bank, you send us your receipts via a mobile app, email or Dropbox. Receipt Bank is an ATO approved, online filing system that allows you to quickly retrieve you invoices and receipts.


4. Paperless is good in more ways than one.

Our mission is to help you achieve the dream of the paperless office. There are a number of reasons why paperless is better. It's better for the environment. There is less waste and recycling. Your office will be less cluttered. A good online filing system will make it easier to find things and organise them. You can access your entire office even when you're no in your office. There will be more space on your desk.


5. You need your time for other things.

Even if you enjoy doing a bit of number-crunching, you probably prefer to do other things like; meet clients, earn money, get work done, do marketing, take time out, drink coffee in your favourite cafe, go out for lunch, go shopping, have a holiday. The less time you spend doing your bookkeeping, the more time you have to do what you want.


6. When you hire a virtual bookkeeper you will be making better financial decisions.

A virtual bookkeeper can help you understand your numbers. If you're not good with budgeting or predicting your cashflow, or if you need help with things like pricing, saving money or planning around your BAS and tax, a virtual bookkeeper can give you advice and teach you some helpful tricks to earn more and save more.


7. Outsourcing is smart business.

Trying to do everything yourself might save you a bit of money but you will probably end up earning less because you have less time to get your work done. Doing it all yourself is a surefire way to slow down your growth, and increase your frustration.


8. When you hire a virtual bookkeeper you will save on wages.

Putting on a bookkeeper in your office runs you into the risk that the person may be determined by the ATO to be an employee. Even if you intended to hire a contractor, sometimes business owners get it wrong. It can turn out that person should have been an employee. Then you will be liable to pay their super, PAYG tax and entitlements.

Then you have your ongoing wages expense that you have to pay regardless of whether the person is busy or not. With an employee, they are likely to cost less per hour, but they will also be a lot less experienced, and require a lot more of your time in training. A virtual bookkeeper qualifies with the ATO as an independent business owner.


9. Save space and buying equipment.

Do you really have the space for an employee bookkeeper? They will require their own desk (even when they aren't there) because they will need everything to stay organised on their days off. They will need an appropriate set up with a comfortable chair and desk. You'll also need to invest in a computer for them. Most bookkeepers will find it very difficult and slow to work on a laptop. So it will need to be a desktop computer. Most bookkeepers also use two screens, so don't forget the extra 32″ monitor. I think you get my point!


So. Many. Reasons. to hire a virtual bookkeeper

Actually just 9, but you get the drift!

As you can see there are many reason why you would want to hire a virtual bookkeeper as it may be a great solution for your business. If you’re an expert in your field, positioned for growth and laser-focused on doing work that matters… we'd love to be a part of your crew.

Are you ready to talk about your business goals or get a quote? Or learn more about our services?


Amy Hooke!





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