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Our Bookkeeping Mission Statement: Helping you Create, Build and Love your Business.

Big Picture Bookkeeping ~ is how we do it.

Here is the background to our Bookkeeping Mission Statement: Many bookkeepers are out of date with the latest technology and software, and just focus on data entry type work without considering the bigger picture, or reconciling the balance sheet to make sure your profit and loss statement is accurate.

Some bookkeepers just want to show up, do their job and go home. Not us! We believe that a bookkeeper is a vital team member in your business.

We pride ourselves on being “big picture bookkeepers”, thinking about the future of bookkeeping, technology and of course, your business.



Our Mission

Helping you Create, Build and Love your Business. 

We believe that you simply can’t do that unless you have a great bookkeeper on your team.

Our Values

Though we promise we will never be creative with your accounts!

We value being CREATIVE. And we love a good ACRONYM….



To providing above excellent service through dedicated, mutual commitment


For our clients, work colleagues, other bookkeepers and the law


Embracing the latest technology and systems to more accurately save time


Being attentive to the finer details of bookkeeping and the GST laws


To have a love for growing and learning new things with humility and excitement


Operating with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Being direct and upfront in all communication.


Always looking for ways to add value to clients, colleagues and industry


To enjoy our work, our client and serving the industry and our society


These are our values in our Bookkeeping Mission Statement


That is our Bookkeeping Mission Statement. Over to you…

We hope you have found our bookkeeping mission statement useful, and demonstrates who we are and what we are about.

If we sound like the Bookkeeping Company that is the right fit for you and your Small Business, please get in touch.

We look forwards to hearing from you!


• As well as being an excellent Xero Bookkeeper and CEO of Off The Hook Bookkeeping; Amy is also the founder of The Savvy Bookkeeper ~ so if you are a Bookkeeper who needs help with Sales, Marketing, Website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Business Logo and more, please get in touch.

• If you are interested in engaging with our Bookkeeping services ~ please click here to get in contact.

Thank you for your time, and enjoy the serenity!