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Want Peace of Mind? Great business decisions depend on accurate data. We perform a Bookkeeping Health Check on Xero, MYOB or QBO data files.

Bookkeeping Health Check FAQs

What is a bookkeeping health check?

It’s a high-level overview of your accounting data-file. It helps us to provide you with a quote. It’s also helpful, as it allows us to make sure there aren’t any obvious set-up or transactional errors in the file.


Do you need my accounting software login details? Will my data be confidential?

We advise you never to give out your login details. You will, however, need to add us as an Advisor giving us full access, except control, over adding new users to the file. Once the health check is complete, you may remove our access (unless we are providing ongoing services).

Your information is confidential and will never be discussed with a third-party without your permission.


What do you check in the accounting software data file?

Review of software set up and general including;

  • Chart of accounts
  • Payroll set up
  • General settings
  • Accountant balancing journals

Review of the balance sheet, including;

  • GST and PAYG
  • Superannuation
  • Inventory
  • Clearing & merchant accounts
  • Bank & credit card accounts
  • Loan accounts
  • Payables & receivables

Review of Profit & Loss statement, including:

  • Income
  • Cost of Sales
  • Expenses


What happens if there are major errors in my accounting data? 

If there are major errors detected in the file, they will be summarised for you in a report.


How do I fix these errors?

There are some things you may be able to fix yourself. However, often the errors need to be amended by a trained accounting professional. We can offer this service for you. Additional fees apply.


Book A Bookkeeping Health Check

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